The Management Team


FACT is a high-tech company whose principals jointly combine a unique skill set and proven track record in the areas of agriculture, ICT, and business development necessary to tap into multidisciplinary niche market of ICT support of EU food and agriculture safety procedures. The diverse skill set means that we know what to deliver and how to do it. Broad practical and theoretical experience that will enable principals to build a successful company from ground up includes hands-on experience in the field and in the laboratory on the agricultural side, rapid development of wide range software in start-ups with tight resources on the ICT side, as well as broad experience in financing, marketing, and corporate social responsibility on the business development side.

Dr. Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic

Dr Dragomir D. Dimitrijevic holds BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and PhD in Computer Science degrees. As the CEO and CTO, he is in charge of day-to-day operations, ICT related R&D and system architecture. He has significant broad professional experience including entrepreneurial experience, gained in large and start-up companies in US and Serbia developing wide range of software like: SS7 network engineering tool for GTE (which later became Verizon -the largest US phone operator), scheduling system for Orion-1 satellite, speech synthesizer for Associated Press’ online sport results, and the first Yugoslav and later Serbian Internet Payment Gateways. He is a promoter of web accessibility in Serbia and abroad and was a pro-bono consultant during redesign of IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) web site. He published numerous professional articles including chapters of edited books and holds US patent 5,978,363 on resource scheduling.

Dr. Jasmina Bacic

Dr Jasmina Bacic holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in agriculture, specializing in plant protection. As the Chief Agriculture Officer, she is in charge of agriculture related R&D. She has significant from-farm-to-fork hands-on experience in plant inspection for the presence of harmful organisms including soil and plant sampling, laboratory testing, certification, invoicing as well as direct contacts with farmers, Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, PIS Vojvodina (Plant Protection Forecasting and Warning Service of Vojvodina), EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization), EUPHRESCO (European Phytosanitary Research Coordination), and phytosanitary laboratories in Serbia and abroad. She published numerous professional articles.

Srđan Gažević

Srdjan Gazevic holds BS and MS degrees in Economics. As a director, he is in charge of company’s finance, administration and marketing. He gained enviable broad professional experience while working for various state-owned and start-up companies in marketing, sale and development of ICT business solutions as well as in implementation of advanced ICT  and business management software solutions for end users. He has been a Project Manager and/or Consultant on various projects such as in banking (Factoring), Document Management and Knowledge Management, as well as ERP software systems.